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This is a classic fortified Muscat from Victoria aged in oak using the classic solera method with a shimmering pink bronze colour of moderate depth bouquet of clean developing aromas of raisin Turkish delight and a taste of rich flavours of raisin fruit cake and almond with underlying orange peel and fig nuances.

麝香葡萄酒 两位老人
橡木桶酿制平均有6年的经典加强麝香葡萄酒。呈微亮 的粉铜色色调,酒体深度适中,香味清新并伴随着提子、
橡皮糖与草莓的芬芳。酒味浓郁,伴有提子水果蛋糕、 杏仁、橘皮和无花果的香味。

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